Friday, February 15, 2013

I'd apologize for my long absence...

...but we *all* know it wouldn't be sincere...

So, I kinda hate the holidays (for a number of reasons) and as the end of December approached, I started shutting down parts of my brain so I wouldn't have to deal with them ("them" being the holidays, not my brain parts).

So, no writing was produced.

Also, I've been helping a friend with some grad school apps and writing samples.

And, I helped-out a friend (and former professor) by editing his 350+ page manuscript.

And I finally got a wee paying gig (managing an apt complex).

AND I started taking some new meds (they WERE "awesome new meds" because they made me have the most vivid visually intense dreams I'd ever had, but that effect has sadly now, they're just "meds")

So, yeah, all that was happening.


But, the holy-daze is over and Love-Day has just passed and I'm feeling much better (though turning those parts of my brain back on is not as easy as it used to be).

I've got a GRAND new story idea which I *finally* started working on today. I'm getting good feedback from my grad school friend about my NaNo story and I have not forgotten about Rex and Leo; their story *must* be told.

Oh, and there's some kinda short-story contest that I need to write a story  for by the keep your eyes peeled for that.

I'm back. And I'm writing.

That is all.
(for now...)

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