Monday, October 22, 2012

Clearly I've *not* been living up to my own tagline... least not the "chatty" part, and I need to fix that...I've got some book reviews coming up this week. But for now...

So, I was rummaging around in some dusty old boxes in the attic when I stumbled across my old MySpace blog (who knew MySpace even still existed?). I was tempted to shamefacedly eliminate the entire thing, but I got sucked into reading instead.

I came across this poem (which I wrote AGES ago) and I realized that I really liked it and decided to share it here. Maybe I'll start writing some poetry again...



the car won’t start
tried it this morning and
the engine won’t turn
over the last few months it’s been sitting
on the street
gathering tickets and dust
and shit covers it
from all the local birds, and dogs
wander by, sniff the tires, move on
it’s not worth the time
and the expense to fix it
would break me

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